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>> it happens and that little switch clicks in you and you do what you been trained to do. >> this trooper saved three lives. tonight he says he's no hero. our november cold snap continues tonight. how to spot a flooded out car. abc 2 news starts now. >> we begin breaking news update out of anne arundel county. >> a woman is in the hospital after she was hit by a car. it happened just before 8:00 tonight right here in the 3100 block of ritchie highway. the victim is 60 years old. she was hit by a car right near the fire house. firefighters noticed her body. she was taken to harbor hospital. we do not know her name. he says he's no hero. it was all about self-
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preservation. >> joe appleby retired july 1st. when he -- he's still more than willing to protect and serve. >> the times i've looked down the wrong end of a barrel. >> then it was part of a job. friday the retired state trooper was called to action again. >> i made it about 3 or 4 feet when i happen to see this guy. he was standing just around the corner the front counter. he was dressed head to foot like a ski outfit. i pulled out whatever i had in my pocket cash, look just take the money and go. >> appleby didn't know he already told the robber she had more cash in the back. she was stalling waiting for
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police. 13 of his 28 years on the job appleby spent special attack assault team. that little switch clicks in you and you do what you've been trained to do. >> once he was in the back along with the cashier, another customer and the robber made his move. >> i wanted somebody on the right side of the door and us on the left so that when the robber came in, he had to divert his attention. he came in and looked a the -- looked at a other guy. >> the suspect got away with a little cash and they all got out safely. >> i don't recommend everybody do what i did unless you know what you're doing and practice it. it's probably not going to work out the way opportunity to. >> no word tonight whether or not police have a suspect. he hopes to retire to the beach and work for the police department there.
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new tonight, not guilty that's a verdict for a student killing her roommate. jurors deliberated for about 3 hours before finding alexis simpson not guilty. simpson told the court she stabbed dominique frazier self- defense. there's strange things turned up on a property. a hand. a contractor found it yesterday in the 300 block of hedge pocket away. today medical examiner confirmed it was a human hand. despite a water main break, baltimore county schools say they have not canceled classed tomorrow. the school will make that decision in the morning.
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the break happened at milford mill. we're talking about 260 homes still without water. we haven't been told when this is going to be repaired. anne arundel county tonight police arrested the brother of actress mia for allegations of sexual abuse. john charles villers-farrow is behind bars. authorities say an investigation began back in september when the two alleged victims came forward. neighbors are shocked by the allegations. >> i've had only a few interactions with him. he's just a very nice man and his son is polite and very nice boy. it was just really quite shocking. you know a cloudy thursday is fine. windchill is on the way. chief meteorologist wyatt everhart is here. >> i think a little bit of
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sunshine. temperatures will be back in the 50s at least. little mild. right now looking at the temperatures, we find upper 30s. rock hall you're in the 30s right now. under cloud cover no rain in our immediate area but a coastal system off the carolina coast. overnight though, just a chill continuing brisk.
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tiny bottles filled with two ounces of -- a shock that promises the sustained boost of energy primarily from caffeine. how much caffeine, the bottle doesn't say. the company now says 270 milligrams the same as 16 ounces of coffee or nearly 6 cans of soda. the company's founder say there's no risk to drinking his product. of course you can drink that room temperature shot lot faster. if you do drink too much 5 hour energy, the fda now says it has received reports of 13 death and 33 hospitalizations claiming 5 hour energy was involved. those claims are being investigated at the same time, the fda is look into reports of
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5 more deaths linked to monster energy drinks, one of them in hagerstown who died in december of 2011. she was just 14 years old and she had a previous heart condition. her family blamed her death on the 2, 24-ounce monster energy drink. >> people who manage patients with disorders try and advice patients to limit caffeine. caffeine can definitely be a trigger. >> her family is suing the parent company of monster company. those claims of death related to his product have not been proven. abc 2 news. coming up we have an annapolis man tries to take on 5 hour energy. first he has to make it through the shark tank. new, we're learning more about the economic impact of
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this year's baltimore grand prix. a newly release report show that's nearly 30,000 less people attended the race this year. less people translated into lower spending. $24.9 million in direct spending came from the grand prix crowd this year. that's about $3 million less than the year before. in the wake of superstorm sandy people have reached out. >> scammers using superstorm sandy as an opportunity to pull a fast one. >> we lost everything. >> reporter: for people hit hardest by superstorm sandy it will take years to rebuild. her damage will make it here soon enough. conmen who experts say will start peddling cars. they may look fine in the
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present, it their past you should worry about. cars flooded in sandy's wake has seen plenty of waters. these ones from new york sat in it for days. we've seen cars flooded out here too. thanks to massive water main breaks in baltimore city. all of these could eventually make their way to you. >> we've seen this sort of behavior in the past. >> reporter: frank runs the national insurance crime brewer. a group created to track fraud from the industry. he said so far member have tracked at least 50,000 vin numbers from cars damaged by sandy. that's for fewer than katrina but still significant. because thousands of flood cars could end up on market and you'll know they're secret. in maryland, the law says dealers who sell more than 5 cars a year has to disclose flood damage. individual sellers don't have
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that same requirement. the feds use the national motor vehicle titling information system to track but he says not every state participates so scammers can wipe a car's past clean. but to uncover the imperfect past of a car takes some work. >> unfortunately it's extremely easy to clean up a flood damages car. >> reporter: his company's free flood reports may indicate whether a used car was water logged and could become a potential danger to you if you buy it. >> the worst this is it could affect the safety system of the car. the air bag system may not function. >> reporter: before buying any used car, you got to take it to
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a ride to a mechanic. bill taylor says the story of every sandy car can be uncovered if you look for red flags. to find the biggest one, just open the door and sniff. >> they can put perfume or cleans it all they want. that very first rush of the smell when you open the door, really a tell sign. >> reporter: there are other signs from inside when you pull back the carpet. >> is that dry or does that have a silt to it also. report to the spring -- >> reporter: to the springs and bolts under the seat. >> if you see rust under there, number one sign, -- >> reporter: and especially under the hood. >> looking for corrosion along inside the wheel well. of course this gets wet from the rain but being submerged is
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another thing. >> reporter: knowing your car is submerged is something you should do before singing the money. >> we will show some of the signs to look at. we want you to log on to and go to the investigation section. this is very important. up next, do you think you have a great idea for an event. this maryland marine does and he found inspiration on the battlefield. >> can't really depend on caffeine to get you through. >> find out what he makes energy drinks out of. download our abc 2 news weather app and you can get the latest information right in neighborhood. the hall of fame have a new inductee. abc 2 news is back in 60
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. update now to the breaking news we first brought to you. at least 4 people are dead and 17 others injure after a freight train slammed into a parade float killing wounded veterans. it was on its way to a banquet to honor the veterans. the crossing lights were working. you may hear some loud noises. the army will be sending off several large explosions through wednesday of next week. you may hear or feel the impact righted on the base. a peanut company now accused of distributing peanuts and almond butter. the food and drug administration says officials of sunland sent out the products even after they are linked to salmonella. the company which is the nation
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east largest organic peanut butter is denying the claim. you are looking at a sneak peek of form's hit abc show, "shark tank." it features the adventure of an annapolis man. here's a man who had to keep both eyes open in serving in afghanistan. >> the energy shots out now, they suck. >> winning the troops over in new york handing out two sips in a bottle and you won't blink. 7million will watch tomorrow night as he will tell us about ruck pack. today in annapolis, the civilian rob ready to share his
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energy. >> if you're shaky with caffeine. that's not good for a sniper . >> he went after symptoms. >> what we cared was was not being tired anymore. >> he had 10 or 12 military families invested. >> it was fast paced. i had to dig into only of my military. >> there were only 6 million watching now. >> i can tell you but i'll destroy everything. >> a major who did a solo mission, he's giving us a wake promotion that we deserve. >> everybody got to a fight they want to win. >> major rob in charge of keeping america alert. now watch the left hand side of your screen. the major is already a super star. people are already catching on
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to his new ruck pack. >> good guy got plenty of pictures. major rob can beat the enemy, he can certainly talk on the sharks. you can order it online. >> z -- did you bring us any? check him out. now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> 47 degrees is the high on the day. i want to stack up the numbers. 57 is the normal. 56 will be normal. you get the idea. below average temperatures. and 40 on our way to dwi. temperatures held back today by not just that chilly air mass that came out of canada
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yesterday but also the additional cloud cover through the day. we captured some of that on our exclusive abc 2 weather bug network. clouds high and thin holding tough. no active weather with these. no precipitation but some high thin cloud covers courtesy of a system down to our south. look that the beautiful sun set at foxborough university. you talk about chilly. it's cold up in the maryland mountains. game day forecast for the mountains of pennsylvania, pittsburgh right going in there and taking care of business. looks around 40 and kick off right now game time looks pretty quiet out there. light southeast winds. right now not a big weather issue with the pittsburgh game. that's good. temperature statewide little warmer south and east. everywhere in the state between 45 and 35 degrees. these temperatures dry as well.
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dew point down to 30. maybe the time to break out these humidifiers. couple showers south of maryland over in the the virginia tied water and all part of this coastal system. really the only weather player on the map. all projecting still bringing this thing out to sea. will provide few extra amounts of cloud cover through the day tomorrow, i do think mostly of the precipitation will stay south and east of us. next week, this will churn out there in the atlantic. it might make weather a little breezy towards the beginning of the weekend and two weather systems here, high pressure cell other mid-atlantic state this weekend, low offshore. we're going to get a little breeze between the two systems. in the early next week, travel plans looking pretty good. we may get back to 60 by
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thanksgiving with you think this system is stay out to sea and sit there. transatlantic sites will be travel to corn. 33, clearing sky, we continue to be cold tomorrow. tomorrow nice chilly as well. temperatures will hover the 50s. as we move toward the thanksgiving travel time period tuesday and wednesday, looks pretty good and just a little breezy there. turkey tom indicating he's excited too. the holidays are upon us and harbor east is a great place to hang out. separating second annual it's water front light campaign. kicked off the campaign to encourage all of us to check out what's happening in the area over the holiday season. one thing you can look forward to, the power plan holiday
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light show. >> many of us find way to give during the holiday season. now it's time to help out the maryland food bank. the bus will be at the shop in through the weekend. >> all it takes is two can goods. come by and get goodies and hang out with us. hang out with some good people at a great location. it all about giving back. >> maybe you can get involved and mac that happen. coming up, the toys that made it into the hall of fame this year. >> but first, cynthia mcfadden have what's coming up. can you really adopt a baby
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on craigslist? inside the rise of do it yourself online adoption. that's coming up on nightline on abc 2 news at 11:00. . if you traveling in east baltimore, there are some traffic alert you need to be aware. utility alerts is shutting down between chester street. there's also some debris removal. that is going to be shut down from lafayette avenue. until then, you will want to stick with ad3. i will be tracking your commute beginning at 4:30. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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if you don't believe in guardian angels they are real and you should. baltimore guardian angels had their angels night. they speak out on bullying, work with local law enforcement and do anything they can to help out people in need. don't listen to this next story. star war figure and dominoes in the class now for the 2012 toy hall of fame. remember playing with those, star wars back in '78. that's the real one though. that's another one. dominoes little older . that's our hot topic here tonight. your favorite toy flowing pup -- growing up, what is it?
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do you still have it. >> g.i. joe was on the list, hot wheel, tinker toys. >> is the place to go. i reason the football -- remember the football game and the guys will run all over. >> jacks was fun but that's kind of a girl game. >> transformers. let's take a quick check. here we go, noon tomorrow, 45. it's going to take a while to get close to 50. as you look at the outlook here, temperatures run into the 50s right through our thanksgiving thursday. there's that sound we missed it, turkey tom. one more time. >> he is ready for my plate. we'll be right back.
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. good luck for that. >> he's going to be on tomorrow night, 9:00, shark tank. i think he wins them over. >> looks like a good deal. >> good night everybody. >> have a good one.
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